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State of the Art 3D Technology

Same day crown technology, 3D printer & Innovative scanner

Materials are Made in America.

  • FastDesign.IO is the latest software by Glidewell, an accumulation of millions of crowns to give you the most accurate mold of you teeth.

  • Fastmill.IO- The first machine to mill pre-sintered Bruxzir Zirconia.  The strongest crown biomaterial in the market tried and used for over a decade and prescribed to over a million patients.  

  • Finalstage.IO is our in house Glaze oven.  It gives our crowns the final shine and finishing it deserves.  

  • The latest scanner on the market, the iTero Element Plus Series imaging systems you have cutting-edge digital scanning performance that delivers a seamless experience. Features innovative technology like Invisalign® Outcome Simulator Pro and iTero™ NIRI Technology (Near Infra-Red Imaging), detecting cavities in between and fracture lines on you teeth that simple x-rays can't detect.


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