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Featured in Lakewood City Lifestyle Magazine, January 2024 Health and Wellness Issue

Article by Brooke Bezet

Photography by Roohi Photopgraphy

Originally published in Lakewood City Lifestyle

In the heart of Lakewood Ranch, Dr. Rose Le's cosmetic dentistry venture, Rose Dental, takes the spotlight. Beyond routine cleanings, the clinic specializes in a range of transformative services, including same-day crowns, veneers, Botox, lip fillers, Invisalign, and top-notch whitening treatments.

Motivated to open Rose Dental two and a half years ago by her husband, Dr. Steve Ta, Dr. Le emphasizes the holistic impact of oral health on one's overall well-being. She notes that those who prioritize their smiles often experience positive effects on their health and wellness.

However, the benefits extend beyond physical health. Dr. Le attests, "The most satisfying thing after the smile makeover is their confidence. They won’t stop smiling."

For those contemplating cosmetic services like veneers, Dr. Le offers a gentle nudge, reminding them, "You're not getting any younger. You don’t want to say 10 years from now that you wish you would have done it sooner!" Rose Dental specializes in the highest quality veneer options.

Dr. Le's commitment to personalized care is evident in her "white glove" approach, where each patient receives undivided attention and ample time during appointments. Inspired by her late husband, she infuses kindness into every interaction.

The heart of Rose Dental lies in its exceptional team of dedicated women. Dr. Le praises their invaluable contribution to realizing her vision for an unparalleled patient experience, from the moment they step through the front door to the comfort of the dental chair.

Dr. Le's love for the Lakewood Ranch community is evident. She actively collaborates with local businesses, often participating in giveaways, such as complimentary teeth whitening services. Witnessing the influx of people from all corners of the country to this vibrant area is a source of inspiration and encouragement for her and her team.

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